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Being a picturesque Derbyshire town located in the South Eastern part of the Peak District, Matlock is always popular with visitors, but if you really want to know how to make the most out of your time there, then this blog is for you! We'll take you from first thing in the morning until late evening drinks...

If you’re after a breakfast in Matlock, the Cool River Café, located on Olde Englishe Road, serves all sorts of breakfast delights- everything from a mountain of muesli to a traditional full English.

If you are arriving with a full belly, you can grab a coffee at PeliDeli, right in the centre of town in Crown Square. This contemporary café has great modern yet rustic feel and they do a great flat white- what more could you ask for in the morning?

Stepping out from PeliDeli, you can take a stroll along the river Derwent; stop at County Bridge- this part of town is looks like it’s straight off a postcard. First built in the fifteenth century, it has four glorious stone arches and is a great opportunity for a pic. When you’re on the bridge, cast your gaze over into the distance and you can spot Riber Castle, high up in the hills overlooking the town.

Riber Castle has become a sort of icon for the area and it has an interesting history. First built in 1862 by the famous Industrialist, John Smedley, it was to become John Smedley’s private home. In in years that followed it became a boys’ school, storage space during the Second World War and  finally a zoo. Since then Riber Castle has been deserted; an empty shell of a gothic style house, left staring down onto Matlock Town.

Quickly moving on from the thought of an empty house on the hills, back to the riverside stroll. The river Derwent is slap-bang in the middle of town and there’re some great shops to poke around in, including some great antique shops on Dale Road. If you’re into your vintage-style stuff, then perhaps pop into to Bow Boutique on Causeway Lane. As well as having some seriously stylish things to buy, there is also a ‘Snug’ in the boutique serving all sorts of treats, such as cake and our personal favourite, the Nutella Mocha!

If you’re peckish in Matlock, there’s also a fantastic vegetarian restaurant called The Green Way Café, located on Snitterton Road. Close to the centre of town, this place serves really imaginative, and tasty food- perfect for lunch.

Once you feel full, next get yourselves to Matlock Bath. This is about a 6 minute drive, a 36 minute walk or you can catch a bus to get there from Bakewell Road.

Once in Matlock Bath, you can start to explore what’s on offer. First of all, Matlock Bath is home to the very interesting Peak District Mining Museum, which tells you all about the area’s rich mining history and there’s also an authentic 1920s mine for you to explore too. But if that doesn’t sound like it’d be your thing, there’s always the classic and brilliantly retro Amusement Arcade, which has an abundance of 2p machines and other fun arcade games.

As the evening draws in, you can grab a bag of fish and chips (a Matlock Bath tradition) or pop into the Fishpond pub. This pub is known for it’s live music and has a great atmosphere, especially on the weekends- there’s even an attached Raft Restaurant which would be a great way to end a great day out in Derbyshire!

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