Where's the best place to taste the cheese of the Peak District & Derbyshire? One of the best known and loved in the area is The Hartington Cheese Shop...

So, we set about to do a little taste test so that you can choose the right cheese for you:

Hartington Cheese 3

There were four delicious cheeses for us to taste and tell you all about… and there’s a lot to tell.

Firstly we started off with the Peakland Tomato & Garlic (top left) , which had a very strong flavour. Not overly cheesy in the traditonal sense but the tomato and garlic really did wallop the senses. In the nicest possible way, if a pizza ever fancied turning itself into a cheese- this would be it. It's your perfect fun, party cheese.

Next on the list was ‘Stilton from Hartington’. This a lovely stilton but not one that will please lovers of the near-fatally-strong-smelling types of cheese; it’s subtle and not overpowering. Perfect, I’d imagine, with a big glass of red wine. In a countryside cottage. In the Peak District.

hartington cheese 5

Next was the Peakland Blue, which everyone agreed, was one of the best cheese experiences we’ve ever had. Creamy, not too mild and with a hint of that Stilton taste and smell. I could have kept on eating the whole wedge, perhaps even disregarding crackers. This alone is worth the trip to Hartington!

Hartington Cheese 4

Lastly, there was the ‘pudding-cheese’, Peakland Cranberry & Orange (bottom left). The first thing that hits you is the fragrance; it’s strong. Like a cheesy yet festive Yankee Candle. It was sweet but balanced when you got a little zing of orange zest. It was not a disappointing ending, but it did leave me yearning for Christmas time.

Hartington Cheese

All in all, Hartington is a great place to get your local cheese fix!




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