1.Ashover Brewery- Old Poet’s Corner, Ashover

These guys have been brewing beers since 2007 in a great little brewery in the old stable block behind the Old Poets' Corner at Ashover. The Old Poet’s Corner is one of our favourite pubs in Derbyshire- they have an amazing beer festival, which is well worth going to!

Ashover Brewery beers range from glorious 5% ‘Coffin Lane Stout, right through to golden ales such as ‘the Fabrick’ to the light and fresh 3.7% ‘Light Rale’. These are a real treat to try so get yourself to Ashover and enjoy their beers.

Also, if you’re after a real rich beer, try the 6% Milk Stout… it is a treat!

2.Peak Ales- Devonshire Arms at Pilsley and Beeley

Peak Ales offer a selection of beers, including Chatsworth Gold, which is brewed with honey from the Chatsworth Estate! Their hoppy beers and bitter are complimented by a range of seasonal brews; including the wonderfully rich and dark Noggin Filler winter ale.

The Devonshire Arms at Pilsley and Beeley are lovely countryside pubs close to Chatsworth House, they also serve very high quality food if you’re after a good meal.

3.Thornbridge- Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Thornbridge is a famous brewery located near Bakewell- it’s so well known that we once found it in a bar in Iceland! But if you wanted to try and wide range of Thornbridge beer closer to where it’s made there are some brilliant pubs in Sheffield that the brewery have taken over. These, such as the Bath Hotel, are great places to try their tipple.

Thornbridge do a wonderful grapefruit-ey pale ale, the Kipling, which is lovely if you like fresh beers. They are possibly best known for their Jaipur, which is delicious and far too easy to drink!

They also do great bitters and darker brews, such as the 6.8% Cocoa Wonderland.

4.Brampton Brewery- Tramway Tavern, Chesterfield

Brampton Brewery was once a tour de force of beer brewing on a massive scale, a status that lasted 130 years but was sadly forced to stop it’s production in the 1950s. Luckily back in 2007 the dream to bring Brampton Brewery back to it’s former glory (or at least create a tribute to it) was realised and a micro-brewery was created!

Today Brampton have a great selection of delicious (and award-winning) brews. They have the classic Brampton Best, the light Golden Bud and then some brilliant darker beers such as Brampton Mild and the outstanding Impy Dark.

The Tramway Tavern on Chatsworth Road is well worth a visit to try these great local beers- the brewery is literally a stone’s throw from the pub too!

5.Dancing Duck- The Exeter Arms, Derby

This Derby-based brewery is quite well-known in the area and offers some great beers to add to the must-try list.

The award-winning Dark Drake has to be our personal favourite, but the Ay Up (or Ey Up depending on where you’re drinking) is also a Dancing Duck classic.

The Exeter Arms is a great place for a drink, the building is actually a refurbished 200 year old cottage so the inside is both traditional and modern- a great place to try some new local beer.

6.Titanic Brewery- Cheshire Cheese, Buxton

The two most recent beers from Titanic Brewery to win a series of awards are the Titanic Stout, which is a great dark and velvety beer, and also the Plum Porter, which is flavoursome and smooth treat for an evening in the pub! Their lighter beers should also be tried, of course- the Iceberg is zesty and refreshing and their 4.5% White Star is hoppy and goes down altogether too easily!

Cheshire Cheese in Buxton is a pub owned by the brewery and prides itself on having the traditional pub feel, as well as a passion for real ale!

7.Barlow Brewery- The Tap House, Chesterfield

The Tap House in Chesterfield (just up the road from the Tramway if you fancy a bit of a pub crawl) is a pub owned by the Barlow Brewery so is a great place to taste their brews. Their house beer is Betty’s Blonde, brewed as a light, easy-drinking and well balanced ale. Also at the bar you will find stronger and darker beers- making this is another great place for a drink in Derbyshire.




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