Last updated: 24 March 2020

We know you love the Peak District and Derbyshire as much as we do, but it's time to stay at home for your own safety and the safety of our communities.

The Government has been clear on the need to avoid all non-essential travel and to socially distance in your own home. Visit Peak District & Derbyshire fully supports the official advice to stay home and stay safe.

We all have a responsibility – visitors, tourism businesses and residents – to heed government advice and help save lives. This is why we are asking you to not visit the Peak District and Derbyshire at this time and to postpone your visit until a later date.

Our stunning countryside will still be here for you to enjoy when it is safe to do so.

So for now please exercise locally, close to your own home, to protect our communities and our vital local health services and to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

We look forward to welcoming you back when the time is right and we promise that you'll find the area just as unique, breathtaking and beautiful when you return.

In the meantime, keep an eye on our digital channels for lots of inspiring content – our way of keeping you smiling through these difficult months.

Please stay safe, stay home and avoid travel so that our friendly, committed and passionate tourism industry can welcome you with open arms, when the time is right.

Key information: 

• For tourism sector advice relating to the Covid-19 outbreak, please click here.

• Find the latest information on the official UK government website. Further tavel information can be found on the VisitBritain website.

• For travellers already in the UK and who need medical advice, use the 111 online coronavirus service to get further information.  

What is coronavirus? 

Coronavirus is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. The coronavirus symptoms include a cough, fever and breathing difficulties. 

You can find more information on the coronavirus on the National Health Service (NHS) website

How will coronavirus impact my travel to the Peak District and Derbyshire?

The UK government has advised against all unnecessary travel (including holidays and visits to second homes) and has asked the public to observe strict social distancing measures for the forseeable future. We all have a social responsibility to follow official advice and help save lives. This means that you cannot travel to the Peak District and Derbyshire right now, but we look forward to welcoming you back, when the time is right.

Stay up to date with the latest local advice from Derbyshire County Council and regularly check the official government website.

How to avoid getting sick 

To avoid the spread of the virus, make sure you: 

• wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds 

• use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available 

• cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze 

• put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards 

• try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell 

You can find all the tips to avoid the spreading of the virus here.

Further resources 

Visit the official UK government website for the latest information on the coronavirus outbreak and advice for travellers, or take a look at the frequently asked questions on coronavirus on the National Heath Service (NHS) website

As the area's official tourist board, we are committed to supporting and representing the tourism industry during these unprecedented times. Click here for tourism industry advice relating to the COVID-19 outbreak.




  1. Kathy
    Please stop encouraging people to come out to the peaks. WE are supposed to be socially isolating. ..this is not what is happening it was like a bank holiday weekend out here..I am worried for my family that people don't understand what is coming
  2. Jan
    Totally agree...could not move on Bamford today towards the Ladybower. The Derwent hotel is full of residents again tonight too...this has got to stop, what’s the point in us all being so careful and then this happening on our doorsteps!!!
  3. Kat
    As a local and someone who has vulnerable members of the family who live in the hope valley, I plead with you to stop encouraging people to come to our villages. People were double parking, walking in large groups, sitting in the pub gardens having their picnics, not respecting the social distancing. As a community we are trying to keep our old and vulnerable safe, but encouraging people to visit is not productive. When this has washed over, advertise away but with the majority of the community being over 60 please have some thought and consideration!
  4. Flower
    This is ludicrous..Do NOT, until this is over encourage people to come out to the Peak District, our home,How can we as a community effectively social distance when its like a bank holiday Monday with all the tourists coming into the villages.We went without milk today as I was fearful with all the folk around to enter the local shop
  5. CDH
    People should only be leaving their homes if absolute necessary and should not be encouraged to go day tripping. In small villages especially, we have limited resources as well as vulnerable communities and it is frightening how many people have not given this a second thought. As locals we have always been very patient with everything that comes with tourism as a lot of us rely on the income. However, in the current climate this cannot continue, extra measures must be put into affect before matters get out of hand.
  6. Please stop
    For goodness sake stop encouraging people to come ! How can we possibly stay safe when there is an unprecedented number of tourists flocking to the Hope valley this weekend.
    This has to stop!
  7. Longshaw Dog
    Please stop asking people to come and visit the Peak District, it’s totally irresponsible. The traffic through our village today (Saturday 21st March) has been like rush hour all day. So may people parking anywhere they can it’s busier here than a city centre at Christmas . We are trying to avoid people and stopping at home, like we have been advised by the government. STAY AT HOME!!!
  8. Lucy
    I agree with the above comments. People CANNOT 'socially isolate' in large groups - it is just ridiculous. Our village was comely overwhelmed with visitors yesterday. You need to change the advice - I understand that people need outdoor time for their mental health and wellness, but you must advise people how to do this proportionately and sensibly, and not put those of us who live here at risk.
  9. Maxine O'connell
    Are you mad. Stop encouraging people to visit. They should be stopping at home away from contact with other people.
    I.m a carer that has to go out for my job. I do not want to be surrounded by tourists while doing my job.
    You must all be brain dead.
    Have a walk in your garden. Do some weeding. Anything but think this is an excuse for a trip out.
  10. Billy
    Why aren't you acting responsibly and urging tourists to stay away??? People living here are doing all they can to isolate and you idiots are actively encouraging people to travel here against Government advice and at a potential risk to lives. You absolute shower.
  11. Libman
    Please will you update your blog regularly in line with the latest advice on coming out to the Peak District? The information here has been superseded by advice NOT to go out day-trippering at the moment and it would be helpful if you made that very clear to everyone. Just for once, don’t “put you, the visitor, first” and consider the needs of the people who live and work here.
  12. Plum
    I was so sad this weekend to be invaded by lots of Non resident people. We are support to be keep in isolated, in our in zones. Please stay in your own residential areas until this 'Germ/virus, has the all clear from central Government/scientist/medical personnel. Thank

    Oh all in anticipation. Please.
  13. Plum
    I was so sad this weekend to be invaded by lots of Non resident people. We are supposed to be keep in isolation, in our own in zones. Please stay in your own residential areas until this 'Germ/virus', has the all clear from central Government/scientist/medical personnel. Thank

    Oh all in anticipation. Please.
  14. Furious Resident
    The Peak Park Authority just cannot stop themselves can they. We're in the midst of a deadly virus so to maintain their own image they welcome everyone to come out and help spread it.I had to take food to my 91 year old aunt on saturday and trying to get home to the Derwent Valley was downright dangerous with all the cars parked on the clearways. Why are the Fairholmes carpark and all the others not shut to deter people from coming out? Shame on you both Peak Park Authority and Severn Trent Water! As usual local people are treated with contempt.

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