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The Peak District & Derbyshire Growth Strategy for the Visitor Economy 2015 - 2020


The Visitor Economy has been identified by the D2N2 as a key sector within Derbyshire, and has real potential for growth. Not only does it offer both short and long term investment opportunities to help accelerate economic recovery, it also provides long term self-sustaining growth and prosperity.
This plan for growth responds directly to the strategic aims and objectives highlighted in the D2N2 Economic Strategy, and set out below is a clear set of priorities and interventions that will achieve positive outcomes contributing to the overarching target of creating 55,000 new jobs by 2023.
By December 2012, tourism industries accounted for 2.7million jobs in England – or 10% of the total. These included 1.2million full time jobs (7.5% of the national total) and 1.1million part time jobs (14%). Additionally 445,000 people were self-employed in England, underlining the importance of entrepreneurship in the sector. 123,000 more people were employed in tourism industries in December 2012 than in December 2010, a 5% uplift, which compares favourably to 2% growth over the same period in other areas of the economy.
Domestic and inbound visitors spent over £84bn in 2012, a 10% increase on 2011. Since 2010 year on year growth has averaged 8.7% against the projected target of 5%, well ahead of the performance of the wider economy.
A strong visitor economy can play a key role in improving the quality of life, strengthening the distinctiveness and ranking of Derbyshire as a place to live, invest and visit. The sector provides significant opportunities to help address issues such as youth unemployment and worklessness through a wide breadth of job roles and upskilling prospects; this is particularly important to areas in the north of the County and Erewash, where unemployment levels are higher than County averages, and can benefit from the creation of jobs in neighbouring districts. Improving the economic outlook for areas with high levels of deprivation is also proven to positively impact on the wider determinants of deprivation including health, crime and education.
This Growth Plan sets out the strategic direction for the visitor economy from 2014 through to 2020 and is the strategic framework for the whole of Derbyshire. This strategy has been developed through consultation with members, stakeholders and Visit Peak District and Derbyshire, in particular with the input from the Visit Peak District and Derbyshire Management Team, who will be responsible for monitoring the delivery of the identified action areas and progress against the targets set.